It’s a safe bet that the majority of the Warrnambool community are still unaware of work that’s being done by Harrington Property Group and local authorities to transform the Merri River corridor back to its indigenous beauty.

Riverland Estate is North Warrnambool’s newest residential housing area, offering approximately 164 lots for sale on the corner of Wollaston and Caramut Roads. The developers are Warrnambool’s own Harrington Property Group, who are proud to be working together with local councils to help restore the native vegetation along the Merri River corridor.

The development plan for Riverland Estate includes multiple recreational facilities and has been approved by the Warrnambool City Council. The objectives of the development are to reinstate the natural habitat of the Merri River in partnership with the catchment management authority.

Incorporated into Riverland Estate’s plan is a proposed fishing platform. This aims to improve recreational fishing opportunities along the Merri River and to complement the stream side restoration works that are currently underway. Proposed Fish Hotels and increased indigenous vegetation will work to boost populations of native flora and fauna, lifting the overall health of the river.

The new estate also features wide road verges with the vision to have the rivers vegetation merging into and throughout the development site. A reinvigorated river environment will encourage the community to enjoy the benefits of new parks and green open spaces.

The mission of Riverland Estate is to provide the wider Warrnambool Community with the opportunity to enjoy a fully restored Merri River habitat. The Parkland sited on the Merri River Corridor is currently privately owned by Harrington Property Group, however it will be transferred over to the Warrnambool City Council for public access on completion of the development.