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Riverland Estate is a Masterplanned residential community located beside the natural beauty of the Merri River.

Many significant features have been celebrated to bring a distinctive sense of place – including reviving the river corridor, adding parklands and providing a nature reserve. Featuring wide road verges and indigenous landscaping, the rivers vegetation will appear throughout the estate. Lots come fully serviced and range from 400m² to a spacious 750m², so there’s something for everyone.

Build Your Dream Home on Beautiful Land in Warrnambool

Being at home should be a blissful experience, and with the land in Warrnambool we have available, every day will feel like a holiday. Secure the property you need to build your dream home where Warrnambool meets the River and the relaxing South West Coast. Choose Riverland Estate and let us help you find a beautiful place for you to settle.

What You Should Know About Buying Our Land for Sale in Warrnambool

Buying your new land or building your new home with Riverland Estate is a simple process, but there are still a few things we think you should know when considering land for sale in Warrnambool:

  • Building your own home offers a host of benefits that you will not get when purchasing a constructed house. You can customise every metre of the home to suit your family’s requirements. You can decide where the windows face and where to place the outbuildings. If you have special requirements such as ramps for family members who use wheelchairs, you can build it into the home instead of adding it later. The list goes on.
  • When you buy from us, you have two options. First, you can buy a block of land and build on it. This option is naturally the most flexible as you now have total control over what you create on the land. If you have a clear idea of what you would like to see in your new home, this option is perfect. The second option is to buy a house and land package. Choosing this option means you get the land you want with an existing home design that will best suit said land. You can manage all the finishes as you see fit, but not the floorplan.
  • Remember that the First Home Owners Grant is available to first-time home buyers. If you are eligible for this grant, you can receive a payment of up to $20,000. First-time buyers could also be eligible for a stamp duty reduction. Stamp duty refers to a specific land transfer tax that constitutes a particular amount based on the value of the land transferred to your name.
  • You should utilise the Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s Money Smart initiative, as this initiative provides the necessary information to people seeking to make more informed financial decisions.

house facade
house facade

Benefits of Choosing to Buy Vacant Land Real Estate in Riverland Estate

Here are some benefits we believe you should keep in mind when you and your family consider our real estate land sales:

    • Riverland Estate offers your family the chance to live in a clean, truly green environment that can cater to any lifestyle. We want to create a safe, beautiful neighbourhood where a liveable community thrives, and all the homes live in harmony with one another.
    • You have direct access to the Merri River, which means you can take your canoe out and experience the blissful waters up close. You can even have a relaxing day of fishing at the pontoon.
    • You will be close to the beach, so driving down for surfing or to visit the famous Southern Right Whales is always an option. Outings don’t have to involve hours of driving. When you live in Riverland Estate, you get the holiday experience at home, all within a comfortable distance.
    • You will find neighbouring sporting facilities where you have access to a wide range of recreational activities. These facilities are perfect for both you and every other member of the family who enjoys the active lifestyle.
    • New fish hotels in the area invigorate the river, attracting much wildlife such as different species of birds and platypus. The environment around your home will truly feel as natural as you would expect.

Get your new land in a location where your family has access to a trove of activities, whether fishing, canoeing, whale watching, recreational sports, or even wildlife observation. At Riverland Estate, you get the full package no matter where in the neighbourhood you live.

Why You Should Trust Us When You Want to Buy Vacant Land for Sale

Clayton Harrington, the mind behind the beautiful Riverland Estate has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has numerous award-winning companies. Buying vacant lots for sale from us ensures that you do business with reputable people who will always deliver the results you expect. Your home should feel the way you want it to, which is why we give you the tools to build your dream house in an incredibly beautiful, green environment.
Whether you want to buy land and build and realise your vision for a home, or you just want to live in the beautiful neighbourhood and consider our home and land packages, we will make the process quick and easy. Call us now and tell us which plot most resonates with you so we can set the purchase in motion.

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